Sculpting an artistic future
By Ivan Danielewicz


It’s been a dream since she was young and now she’s finally living it.

Nikki Gour grew up in Peace River knowing that she wanted to be an artist one day. Now she has quit her job and has begun to focus on what makes her happy: sculpture and painting.

“Ever since I was young I wanted to be an artist,” said Gour with a laugh. “I would just sit and draw pictures of horses.”

Gour is standing amongst some of her latest pieces of art at an exhibition at the Bell Petroleum Centre last weekend.

This is her first show in Peace River since graduating from the Academy of Art and Design in Calgary in 2006, where she studied sculpture.

“I’ve been really impressed with the number of people who have come to the show,” said Gour adding she’s enjoyed watching the expressions of either wonder or distaste on people’s faces as they entered the exhibit.

Gour classifies her work as contemporary, a type of art that has been produced since the Second World War.

Her pieces range from sculptures covered with clear thumb tacs to stained glass pieces to compositions made using discarded materials or drift wood.

“Found objects is my thing,” Gour said. “There’s something about taking that which has been discarded and giving it new meaning.”

Around 200 people came through the exhibition over Friday and Saturday, a surprising number for Gour.

“I never thought so many people would be into contemporary art,” she said adding she has sold six of her pieces from the show to local art enthusiasts.

Gour’s muse is simple, it’s the world around her.

“The people in my life inspire me a lot and so does the environment around me,” she said. “Sometimes I’ll even get my friends to make me mad just so I can make angry art.”

In addition to the art show, Gour will also be leading a workshop for the art students at Peace High School and Glenmary School.

She enjoys working with kids and teenagers because of the push her art teacher in high school gave her to pursue her artistic nature.

“I get a lot out of it,” she said.

“I love to inspire and mould young brains,” she said laughing.

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