CHILDHOOD.Nikki Gour was born in 1977 and raised on a farm south of a little town called Peace River, Alberta. Her father is a farmer with his own Heavy Duty Mechanical Shop. Her mother was deeply involved in the community with several business ventures. As a young child Nikki was always creating drawings of horses and writing poems, when she was 15 years of age her parents encouraged her to attend the Summer Scapes Art program at Red Deer College. Throughout high school she received several art awards and was encouraged to attend Art college. After graduating she moved to Calgary and worked in the financial industry for 5 years before she had enough confidence to enroll herself into Art College.

EDUCATION. In 2001 it was time to start her Degree in the Arts. While in college she earned a Jason Lang scholarship, won The Best Overall Design Award at the Down Town Charity Garden Auction, and in 2003 she had the opportunity to create a mural sign out of Legos for the Mind Storms exhibit at the Calgary Science Centre. In april of 2006 she graduated with her Degree of Fine Arts with a major in sculpture. Later in 2006 she was approached by the Peace River Record Gazette for an interview for her art practice, called “Nikki Finds Meaning in the Masses”. After graduating Nikki busied herself with working three different jobs to purchase her property in Bowness to create a studio & gallery space. Come 2008, it was time for Nikki to take a leap of faith and terminate her jobs to start her creative journey as a professional artist.

PROFESSIONAL LIFE. Having spent some time as a visiting Artist throughout Alberta, had brought her to creating a kids summer art program with the Community Association of Bowness and presenting her ideas to the 2008 Alberta Teachers Association in Red Deer. As Nikki’s involvement with her community grew, it opened doors of opportunity to work with the Bowness youth, creating a large mural for the Boys and Girls Club, Montgomery Terrace Road School, and the Bowness Railway Community Garden. While working on these projects she met another local artist Joan Shearer and became part of the artBowmont Art Collective who created the annual event called Art in the Park, held at Shouldice park in Calgary. While doing a painting demonstration at the Calgary Art Walk at Art Central Nikki was approached by the owners of the Endeavor events space to help them generate local artists. Nikki has been an exhibiting artist at the space since the gallery opened.

These experiences fostered Nikki’s interest with public art which motivated her to focus her time on further developing her ideas with sculpture and painting. Since then, her fascination with form has developed into creating 2-dimenssional paintings with refined objects incorporated. “I enjoy creating form within my work that emerges from the painting, it is similar to sculpture, where the formal aspects of the work becomes part of the viewing space” says Gour. Over the years Gour has exhibited her works of Art throughout several galleries in Alberta.

Several of Nikki’s sculptures & paintings have been donated to different fund raiser events throughout Alberta to help raise funds for important causes. The Alberta Diabetes Foundation, Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and the H.O.P.E Foundation.

Her involvement with the Endeavor Art Gallery brought her to becoming a member of the ab-straKt 373 Artist Collective, which has enhanced her experience of working with other Artists creating contemporary Abstract paintings.

Nikki worked out of her studio in Fort Saskatchewan for a couple months and would, travel back to her homestead in Calgary. While she was in Fort Saskatchewan Nikki had the opportunity to collect some discarded metal block from a construction site that she had spent some time working at as a carpenter/welder. This was a great opportunity to enhance her skills and knowledge with welding, bondo and window glazing and lock instillation. She started creating a metal & glass lamp out of reclaimed metal block that was left over from the job site.

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As Nikki continues her creative journey, she looks forward to furthering her knowledge and wonderful experiences that come her way to exhibit  her art work, while expressing her ideas to the world.

Nikki’s fascination with industrial building materials including metal, glass and resin influences her work today.  Nikki enjoys working with resin that she colors and applies to glass , canvas or tile, by using a specific technique, while incorporating small 3-dimensional objects, material and or leather. With her expereince with building supplies she thought of venturing into a fabricating enviroment with a Design firm to try something different, and soon realized that custom designs was more her style. "I found that fabrication and production to be interesting in the fact that you are creating something, however to create multiples of one thing was uncomprehendable to me, perhaps because I am use to creating originals of each piece of art work and have a hard time re-creating the same. There is something to say for creating an original, with that being said when you are creating a work of art, it has it's own qualities and essence within that moment of creating. Every moment in time is different and has it's own qualities and when something is being recreated it looses the importance of that piece, how the brush strokes are made how the colors work together, the shape of every piece of glass, how it is placed on the canvas and most important of all the thoughts of the creator when that piece was created."

Nikki had spent a couple of weeks painting a mural at the newly built Nampa Museum in Northern Alberta. This mural was to be part of the space created in the museum to display several taxidermied animals that would roam around in this area of the country. It is a fall senery full of bright vibrant colors of reds, oranges, yellows and greens. "What I liked about painting a mural is that It was creating part of a space that people were to look at. Similar to construction and designers on how they are creating a space with a certain essence to suit the needs of the enviroment. Similar to Nikki's next venture of creating a large 12 foot by 36 foot mural is on an exterior antique water Tank approximately 40 feet from the ground. The mural is representational of some of the towns agricultural history when it was formed in 1921, welcoming visitors as they drive past.  A wonderful experience that I am grateful to have been part of and look forward to continuous creations.

Tank 2 Mural 4

 Currently, Nikki is working on a couple commissioned glass paintings for clients that want an original work of art for their home.

Articles of Nikki Gour's art work and exhibitions have been published in Stephen Magazine, Calgary Journal, Peace River Record Gazette, Educating Tomorrow’s Citizens Today and the International Contemporary Artist Vol VIII.





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