Artist Statement
Artist Statement


I graduated with my Fine Arts Degree at the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2006. Since then I have focused on developing a series of glass and resin paintings along with some found object metal sculpture. I’ve been exploring different types of materials and different ways of working with these materials to create my own process or working.

Glass, mirror, wood, tile, leather, metal and concrete are just a few examples of materials that I have used to create. My specialty and favorite materials to work with are glass, resin and metal. When seeing materials, I envision the potential of how these materials can be placed together, piled up or attached to make an overall form.

The paintings that I create are made of glass, resin and often incorporate small metal objects. I am attracted to the material of glass, different types of glass of different thicknesses types and colors to create shapes within a painting. Over the past 6 years I have been working with resin, for I enjoy its adhesive qualities, it’s transparency along with the fact that it self-level’s itself and cures into a solid material. It is very much similar to glass which is why I have chosen to incorporate both materials together. I have also developed my own process of coloring the resin and applying it to a canvas as my paint. I enjoy incorporating small objects to the resin paintings to give the painting a sense of depth like the painting is coming off the canvas into the viewer’s space.

The sculptures I create are made of metal or wood found objects. It is the shape of the object and its utilitarian purpose of the object that determines the overall sculpture. For example converting a 1960 Television Stereo into an entertaining coffee table or a pile of cooking utensils into a gigantic sculpture of a burger.

This past year I have had a couple of opportunities to create murals, some of realistic nature. I am always exploring different opportunities to be creative. I am inspired by the freedom to explore and be creative in my own way. Architectural forms along with urban landscapes, Inuk shuks and of course innovation. I enjoy exhibiting my work and having someone else appreciate it enough to want to own it.



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